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About POMA

Public Order Management Academy.


POMA is internationally known as a leader in providing Public Order Management training; it consists of an alliance of subject-matter experts in the field of Public Order Management. Dr. Tamara D. Herold of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Dr. Mike Hope who is currently the operational lead for ENABLE UK within the Keele Policing Academic Collaboration (KPAC) at Keele University, a research project which works collaboratively with police forces to develop and implement evidence-based approaches to the policing of football crowd events which improve operational effectiveness and make efficient use of police resources & Dr. Clifford Stott, professor of social psychology at Keele University. He is a specialist in the psychology of crowds, group identity, and football hooliganism. Rene Gaemers (Skjaldborg International bv) out of the Netherlands and Neil Pollock (Kestrel Training and Consultancy), retired Public Order Management Trainer and Tactical Advisor from The Metropolitan Police in London, UK. The team is constantly working with colleagues from around the US/Canada and Europe to stay on top of the latest developments.

POMA offers all levels of Public Order training: from the basic Field Force style training through specialist training such as role specific evidence capture and liaison officers to work with protest organizers before during and after an event; to classroom-based training for those who will command the events and the team who will assist and support them.

POMA also offers the option to help recreate events to assist in debriefs or to develop new tactics. We also assist in assessing your existing Public Order program and help tailor the program to fit the latest (inter-) national best practice. Or even assist in creating a completely new Public Order Management program.

About POMA

Course content and cost

Cost and Content. At your preferred location:

We are able to run courses at your location of choice. We do need some basics to be available so please contact us for more inormation or a quotation.

Cooperation. On location.

We offer the possibility to jointly organise the courses at a host location. Please contact us for options and a quotation.

On Demand. Program development

We are able to look at specific needs and create courses that will fit your Public Order related demand in your state, region, that are focused on local laws and policy available to your agency, state, region and coveringfederal law. Please contact us for further details.

Our Courses

Courses we provide

We offer courses of your choice/need. We are able to look at specific needs and (if necessary) create courses that will fit your Public Order related demand in your country, state or region, that are focused on local laws and policy available to your agency, state, region and covering federal law.

Our team

Meet our professionals

Meet the folks who make it all happen. We see big potential in every moment, and care deeply about what we do every day. Our unique development ensures that we have the very best staff all over the world, and at every level of operation. Our leadership team reflects a group of diverse individuals with breadth and depth of experience across the company.


As the company is growing, we are always looking for new Public Order instructors who would like to join our team and mission. If you feel you would like to join us and have the right expertise, please contact Rene Gaemers and he will contact you as soon as possible.

Neil Pollock

Lead instructor and Co-Founder of POMA. Former instructor and Tactical Advisor with the Metropolitan Police in London UK.

Rene Gaemers

Instructor and Co Founder of POMA. Former Police Officer with the Amsterdam Police and Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. (Military Police)

Duncan Andrews

Former Metropolitan Police London instructor and valued instructor with POMA.


Public Order Commanders Course

This course is designed to provide those officers who are to command events the knowledge and skills to both carry this out and be able to justify their actions at any later date.


Public Order Police Liason Course

Over the past decade, the use of Police Liaison Officers has become an invaluable tool used by Police Commanders across Europe and is currently being developed by several agencies in North America. These officers are used pre, during and post an event to develop relationships with protest groups so that both sides can better understand the expectations of each other. This has lead to a significant reduction in disorder, negative publicity, injuries to officers and members of the public and cost savings!


Initial Public Order Tactical Course

This course is designed to enable officers to deal with the majority of public order events be that a non-contentious, through arresting a suspect in a group and carrying out an opposed entry to a building to serious disorder and have a basic understanding of crowd dynamics and psychology.


Public Order Tac Advisor Course

For the last 25 years, Public Order Tactical Advisors have been used by Public Order Commanders as an invaluable source of knowledge, a sounding board and critical friend when planning and during events. This is a skill which has also been in use by forces from across Canada. POMA have been contracted to continue the roll-out of this skill.


Public Order Train the Trainer Course

The purpose of this course is to take officers who have previously attended the Initial Tactical Course to be able to teach the course and start to develop the skills and knowledge to be able to move onto the POTac Course.