The growing unrest of late at Universities are yet another reminder of why every Law Enforcement agency needs a proper response capability.

While investing in new training and equipment is an important way to modernize the response capabilities of your agency, it is necessary to review and update the agency’s directives and procedures. This ensures. They stay current with court decisions, national standards and new tactics. When implementing new training and new policies, new budgeting must also be considered. New funding may come from state or federal grants, or it may require additional justifications to local and state governments.

POMA can consult with your agency and provide guidance and assistance for reviewing or writing policies in the following areas:
Program Management
Activation and Deployment of Public Order/ CDU Teams
Use of Force
Less Lethal Weapons
Mass Arrest

POMA can also assist with:
Budget Writing (Annual and Multi Year Budgeting)
Grant Writing

Whether your agency is starting a new program, adapting a current program; implementing a single year or multi year approach POMA Consulting can assist with planning and implementing your program.